Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'd walk a mile for a...

Image courtesy of Replacements Ltd.

About a half of block down... 
As we plan our new kitchen, my china has become a bit of an issue.
I want it all in one easy-to-access place.
So... I recently had to measure the "linear feet" of my china and crystal.

In other words... 
if I lined all of my stacks 
and groupings up on one long shelf...
how long would the contiguous length be?
174 feet to be exact 
or about half of a city block.

That's slightly longer than
The World's Largest Catsup Bottle
which is located in Collinsville, Illinois.
This colossal condiment
is only 170 feet tall.

471 miles, or about seven and a half hours.

Everybody knows how much I love my XJL.
Since meeting in 2011 we've had a deep and intense romance.
But... in this case.... distance may not make the heart grow fonder.

The nearest Jaguar dealership
to Lewistown is located in
Spokane, Washington.
That means that if I want
to get a free oil change,
I must drive across multiple
mountain ranges to get it.
Sadly, we may have to break up.

At least two thousand, four hundred, thirty six miles.

The types of people we meet in rural Montana never cease to surprise!
Since we bought the "money pit", our first priority is a new kitchen and baths.
That caused us to meet Jeana Morrison Noel, of Bella Cucina.

A successful kitchen designer from Florida, Jeana decided to move to Montana. Having "given up on boys" she wanted to buy a dude ranch. Long story short, she fell in love with her realtor. They married and now live on his ranch.

1917 Kitchen Floor Plan
Since then Jeana has been
designing kitchens and baths
in rural Montana.
After seeing her ad in
The Lewistown News Argus
we immediately hired her.
Quickly WE fell in love!
Jeana is our Montanan godsend.
That's because 
she just "gets it".

Let's face it.  Frank and I are more than a bit jaded when it comes to all things aesthetic. So having a design partner who gets the nuances of what we want quickly is beyond amazing.

When you live in Montana you often have to travel to get what you want.
But Jeana is proof that sometimes...
the best is just down the road.