Wednesday, May 26, 2021


Enough already
This morning a news pundit suggested we
Americans are willing to overlook Donald
Trump's crimes against humanity. In that
any controversy about the man is old news
post two impeachments, several House sub
committees, and an infamous Muller report.
Then of course there is his continued efforts
to promote big lies about 2020 Presidential
election results. As his Republican cohorts
try to make the January Sixth insurrection
disappear. Hence the fact that Donald and
his company are the focus of lengthy N.Y.
grand jury hearings is of little consequence. 
From bad to worse
In other words - the worst he gets - the more
jaded we become. Shocking as it may seem,
most have a very limited attention span. Plus
the majority of Americans willingly jump to
conclusions. Especially if they support their
opinion. Therefore more than half of us have
already convicted him. While the balance see
him as a victim of circumstances. While we
need to move on - it's important to hold those
who break our rules (laws) accountable. Thus
turning the other cheek or making Mr. Trump
an exception to all rules violates everyone's
rights. What happened to justice for ALL?
Equal opportunity
Recently a mysterious envelope from the
Internal Revenue Service came in the mail.
With fear and trepidation we opened it to
find a congratulatory note from Mr. Biden
about recent covid relief. Having been the
focus of IRS intervention we know that it's
impossible to avoid the inevitable. So why
shouldn't Mr. Trump et al be investigated
for deferring his hare earned cash from our
nation's coffers? Can't our collective desire
to move on end with holding Mr. Trump
accountable? Or is over exposure a good
enough excuse to let him off the hook?!