Thursday, May 20, 2021


Now and then
I have to admit I'm not surprised and hence
extremely disheartened. Since the January 6th
attack on our capital many Republicans have
changed their tunes. From Kevin McCarthy
on down a sizable number of our red leaders
have opted to revise their stories. Claiming
said event was either little more than a group
of tourists or the work of Antifa leftists. All
as video evidence of said events along with
their initial reactions show us the contrary.
Proof that some of us choose to see things
differently from what they truly are. Crafting
our own fantasies to usurp reality.
True or false
Which is nothing but a poor excuse for recent
video releases of police body camera footage
proving abuse and murder of black men. The
majority of which provide a visual record that
is contrary to prior police claims. Hence sans
said video evidence - some of us have literally
gotten away with murder. An injustice that is
an offense against ALL Americans. No matter
their color, creed, or class. However the truth
tends to be warped in our cyber world where
falsehoods are boldly celebrate as truth. And
facts are ignored or flatly rejected. The end
result giving criminals an unfair advantage.
All or nothing at all?
Recently someone asked me about a protest
held last June post George Floyd's murder.
The story is "ten" leftists held a Black Lives
matter rally. When in truth over forty local
patriots gathered to support liberty, justice,
and equality for ALL. Key principals upon
which our democracy is based. So tell me
how anybody could perceive patriotism as
improper? Assuming the worst of friends
and neighbors just because somebody said
so. Such misperception warps reality. Which
is exactly what our enemies want to happen.
Anything but the truth is to their advantage.