Thursday, May 13, 2021


La nuit porte conseil
Lately I've been dreaming in French. For many
reasons it seems my mind is on France. That's
probably due to my addiction. I simply can't get
enough of those youtube vloggers chronicling
chateau restorations. Suddenly plumbing, and
painting, and pruning are fascinating when it's
French. Hence all of my night visions now take
place across the pond in a much more elegant
locale. One where chic rules. And everybody
behaves in a kinder, gentler, and very civilized
manner. Which obviously only proves they are
dreams given reality is anything but that. Well
at least the proverbial American Dream
Impossible n'est pas français
I hate birthdays. At least for me the very idea
of celebrating one's age is nothing more than
an exercise in mortality. Blowing out candles
simply confirms that we might be snuffed out
at any minute. Hence this year I will celebrate
my imminent demise en mode Francaise. By
discreetly refusing to embrace the fact I am
older. An art that most French women have
long perfected. Consider all of the fabulous
French beauties who lived life to the fullest.
And then disappeared. Preferring to live out
the balance of their lives far away from it all.
Out of sight. Out of mind. Out of touch. 
Tout est bien qui finit bien
Which is exactly where I am today. While there
are times when I miss Manhattan - I'm happy to
live in the middle of no where. Each morning
I now walk to the store. During said short jaunt
I marvel at the mountains sitting on the horizon.
Along with enjoying the fact that all that I need
is within walking distance. Somehow the older
we get - the smaller our own sphere of influence
becomes. While some consider such a deficit as
losing ground - I prefer to embrace the idea that
less is more. Especially as the clock is ticking.
Therefore I need to make the most of the little
time that I've got left. So why not live it up?!
Faux pas
Here in America it's become acceptable to
ignore the facts. Embracing fantasy versus
reality. Yet somehow our approach to false
pretenses falls short when it comes to elan.
Some of the chicest parties of the twentieth
century occurred in France over the months
before Hitler captured Paris. Hence maybe
I shouldn't worry about our political schism.
Rather than argue - we should dress up, get
drunk and nibble on pate'. An approach to
obfuscation that I hope to embrace on this
day of my birth. La vie east trop courte
pour boire du mauvais vin!


La nuit porte conseil
The night brings advice.

Impossible n'est pas français
Impossible isn't French

Tout est bien que finit bien
All's well that ends well

Faux pas
Missed steps

La vie east trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin!
Life is too short to drink bad wine.