Thursday, May 6, 2021


Victims of circumstance
Eleven months ago I got a text from a friend
and former colleague. Asking about what I
was doing about the "suit" that I was named
in. Having not been served a summons I was
confused. Subsequent research showed that
yes - I was one of dozens of defendants in a
major lawsuit. All of us accused of playing
a role in the downfall of our former company.
The sale of which occurred six years prior.
Soon I was on the phone with a lawyer. Who
stated that while unfair and wrong said suit
had "legs". Thus whether right or wrong this
writer was screwed. It didn't look good.
Spin cycle
Suddenly my entire world was in a spin. The
only benefit being that for several days I was
so upset - I didn't eat. In theory liable for over
seven figures - both Frank and I worried that
we might lose everything. If not due to a final
judgement - but by the legal fees required to
defend our future. Soon I was reconnecting
with former colleagues, peers, and associates.
All also on that same list. Lamenting that it
was shockingly unfair. Meanwhile the legal
process started and then went on... and on... 
and on. With a few random "wins" along the
way. Honestly, the future looked bleak.
Stormy whether
The resulting impact of the lawsuit was the
negative impact on both Frank and I. Every
day I dreaded looking at my in-box. If and
when the phone rang I worried it might be
even worse news. Then suddenly on another
Zoom call our lawyer shared that hope was
on the horizon. After proving the plaintiff's
wrong in discovery - they were now willing
to consider arbitration. Hope loomed bright.
Then yesterday it was settled. And due to a
corporate insurance policy still in effect - at
no cost to any of the wrongly charged. Thus
with one Zoom it was over and one. Poof!
Light at the end of the tunnel
I often talk about the harsh reality that we have
little control over life. Hence we must treasure
the here and now. This experience reinforced
just that. While the odds against being struck by
lightening or named in a wrongful lawsuit are
about the same. The fact is that fate can deal us
a blow at any time with capricious abandon. If
or when that happens, one's greatest challenge
is holding on to hope. Believing that the truth
will prevail. In end my legal battle affirmed that
justice will prevail. And thanks to the process
I'm older. Wiser. And completely.... exhausted.
Ready for whatever happens next. Good or bad.