Monday, May 10, 2021


Signs of the times?
This week in Washington D.C. the Republican
party will oust Liz Cheney from leadership for
telling the truth about the big lie. The supreme
manifestation of what some term as "cancel
culture". Normally definitive dismissals are
driven by beliefs, principals, mores, or other
violations of rules of order. Said constraints
of which the offending party has in theory
violated. Yet inevitably the need to "cut" is
also the manifestation of other's arrogance,
piety, or ignorance. Hence being shunned can
at times be considered a badge of honor.
Pledge of allegiance?
What's different is that Ms. Cheney's removal
is driven by nastiness. A purposeful punitive
action designed to damage her. And while I'm
anything but a fan of the lady in question - we
must take offense at any group's inability to
engage in a dialogue. It's obvious that some
members of the Republican party aren't willing
to consider alternative opinions. Hence their
ambition to win back the House and Senate is
causing some to narrow their options. Forcing
all to join in Donald Trump's continuing battle
to usurp fact with fiction. And rip this country
to shreds in the process.
Split decision?
As some scumbag once said "it is what it is".
Group denials aside, history can't be changed.
Hence the election results along with events
of January sixth can't be ignored, denied, or
subjugated. The problem is that Ms. Cheney
refused to do just that. Creating a problem
for those revisionists who prefer to proffer
their alternative reality. So will good usurp
evil? Fact defeat fiction? Ultimately yes. Yet
as often proved it takes longer than expected.
Leaving this democracy vulnerable in that
empowering those who purposefully ignore
truth endanger our collective freedom.