Thursday, May 27, 2021


Opposites detract
As I write this blog a filibuster is about to be
held in the Senate. All because Republicans
fear a non-partisan commission focused on
the January Sixth Insurrection. Said archaic
parliamentary obstruction dates far back to
ancient Roman times. And while not outlined
in our constitution has been a practice in the
Senate since 1789. Yet said stonewalling was
rare until racists found it the perfect tool to
battle integration. Then of course you have
the Senate under the Mr. McConnell. Whose
goal is to vowed block all legislation but his.
Whether it's good or bad for this country.
What the muck?
So what are we the people to do. Citizens elect
leaders to do just that - lead. Which within our
democratic republic means meeting somehow
in the middle. Its very structure is designed to
facilitate detente, capitulation, cooperation, and
a common goal. Sadly in our modern political
climate neither the two shall meet. Both sides
preferring to point fingers as they volley barbs
across their great divide. Neither side willing
to give in. Let alone treat all with respect. The
result being an impasse. Such an impenetrable
political barrier handicaps forward momentum.
Sort of like a large, festering swamp.
Self inflicted goons
Sadly our leaders inability to work together is
a primary reason why Mr. Trump was elected
president. His promises of draining said rancid
milieu offered hope to many. Yet ultimately
his thirst for power drove him to join the party
- as in Republican. And thus embracing rather
than rejecting it's inability to get anything done.
Four years later, President Biden is attempting
to work across the aisle. To collaborate. Only
to find that nobody wants to lose. Hence we all
lose. How can America ever bust through this
archaic impasse? When we the people finally
decide to change our representation. It's time.