Tuesday, May 11, 2021


It's in the bag
All of a sudden it was almost five before
I realized I hadn't written a blog. Obviously
my mind has been anywhere but in the land
of montanaroue. Which is rather odd given
that said forum is thebclearing ground for
my often rather convoluted thinking. Maybe
it was because I started the day off in a bad
place given I awoke post a nightmare. One
in which I'd mistakenly checked my Birkin
with gypsies. Who held it ransom. Which
given it contained my computer, checkbook,
and handwritten record of on-line passwords
meant I had to pay up. So... I did just that.
It's in the mail
I guess I'm still suffering from post traumatic
stress syndrome. While my legal troubles are
now over that hasn't stopped my worrying
that somehow they're just starting. Hence I'm
living life on the edge. Which makes the idea
of gypsies hijacking my man bag  feasible.
Yesterday I got the mail out of our box. And
there was a letter from the I.R.S. Immediately
I thought the worst. So I let it sit for a couple
of minutes as I stewed in my own juice. Then
I opened it. Only to find a letter from President
Biden making sure I'd gotten my due in Covid
relief. And what a relief that was!
It's all in my head
Obviously I'm my own worst enemy. But not
without reason. Within the last year I've been
unfairly sued and a victim of a digital scam.
All while I was trapped in my house. Living
in fear of catching a virus that might kill me.
Meanwhile at least half of America believes
a madman should still be in the White House.
So why wouldn't I assume that a pack of evil
gypsies are waiting to take me for everything?
BECAUSE that's just ridiculous. The fact is
nobody is out to get me but myself. Therefore
I need to stop the foolishness. Relax. And get
on with life. Better late than never!