Tuesday, May 18, 2021


Crazy ain't it?
Honestly - you couldn't make stuff up like this
if you tried. The current recount in Arizona is
being conducted in a stadium known as "The
Madhouse". Which is adjacent to the "Crazy
Times Carnival" held on the state Fairgrounds.
As of now amateurs, conspiracy theorists, and
Trump loyalists are conducting a hand recount
of Arizona's 2020 presidential election results.
Examining each ballot under a microscope to
insure the ovals have been manually filled in.
Checking that the folds are proper. And also
exposing them to infrared lights to see if there
is any bamboo fibers in the paper. Nuts huh?!
Looney tunes
All per the bidding of elected GOP honchos in
the Arizona State House. Who are if nothing
else obviously sore losers. This last ditch effort
being not only an assault on our democracy but
an endangerment of our freedom, liberty, and
justice. As with most things insane one hopes
that this soon shall pass. That somehow rational
thinking will usurp extremism. However such
a positive result requires ample time, patience,
and perseverance. Fortunately history always
reveals the truth of revisionist times such as
this. Hence I'm optimistic that sanity will in 
the end prevail. Or am I the one whose nuts?
Crazier things have happened
All of this insanity can be traced back to one
lunatic. A megalomaniac whose lies warp the
minds of many Americans. Unable to accept
reality Mr. Trump is perfectly willing (and
possibly able) to destroy our democracy. All
in order to prove that he's a winner not loser.
If that weren't crazy enough an army of his
acolytes freely embrace his falsehoods. As
Albert Einstein once said -  "The definition
of insanity is doing the same thing over and
over again while expecting different results.
Hence we'll continue to be subjected to such
crazy antics until we finally put an end to it.