Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Here today... gone tomorrow?
Here in central Montana we've been amidst
a spring awakening. Lewistown's trees are
budding but still sans leaves. Our lilacs are
weeks away from blooming. The tulips add
new color on a daily basis. Our dual local
greenhouses are almost sold out of plants.
The result of weeks of warm weather. Thus
most of my family, friends, and neighbors
have filled their pots and garden beds with
annuals, vegetables, and tender varieties.
Which makes the next few day's forecasts
beyond terrifying. In that the experts say
temps will dip below zero for 2-3 nights.
Hidden treasure
Before I forget let me add that off and on the
forecast calls for snow Friday, and Saturday.
Hence as is often the case here in Lewistown
Mother Nature is showing us who is boss. It's
bad enough that our growing season is short.
But what's worse is that somehow every year
some cataclysmic natural phenomena sets us
back. Sometimes it's snow. Other times it's
a hard frost. And finally there is always the
threat of hail. And so locals leap into action.
Moving their potted prizes into their garages
and barns. As they cover their gardens with
tarps and such. And then silently PRAY.
Before it's too late
If nothing else this seasonal torture is a not
so gentle reminder to smell the roses while
we may. Along with the harsh reality that
patience is a key skill when gardening. No
wonder our neighboring ranchers are more
than jaded. Suffering from advanced cases
of post traumatic stress syndrome caused by
weather related destruction of their crops.
Yet lest any of us forget - there is nothing
as glorious than spring in Montana. When
our prairies and mountains turn green as far
as the eye can see. Only to soon turn brown
in the summer's heat. Enjoy it while it lasts.