Monday, May 24, 2021


From the get go
Mondays are always hard for me. In a past life
they were the kick off of a new week. Hence
depending on where I was employed I looked
forward to or dreaded the initial day of a week.
Now my Mondays are in a day off. "Me" time
to complete everything I couldn't finish during
the prior work week. Along with those chores
that must be done at some point. Like cleaning
out the fridge, grocery shopping, or scrubbing
the oven racks while said hot box self-cleans.
Necessary evils that most certainly are anything
but glamorous. Yet somehow the end results of
such tasks yield the ultimate in satisfaction. 
Where did I go wrong?
Part of me can't think of a better way to spend
the start of each week but on themselves. If
circumstances were different I'd be down the
block at Bergdorf's. To shop and grab lunch.
Or up at the Met to see the latest exhibition.
I also spent ninety minutes being pummeled
mercilessly on the massage table. All of such
indulgences are things of the past. Now my
thrill is doing laundry, grocery shopping, or
ironing. So help me... exactly when, where,
and how did things go wrong? Or is taking 
are of myself and Frank the ultimate splurge?
Could self maintenance be all about "me"?
Down and dirty
Few if any of us like housework. And yet there
is little more self serving than the joy of a clean
house. I actually enjoy dusting. Then carefully
rearranging whatever was moved in the process.
As stated prior - I love polishing silver in that it
guarantees immediate gratification. What I hate
is getting down and dirty on the lowest level - 
the floor. That could be because my knees aren't
what they used to be. But somehow I feel that
vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and such are
beneath me. Thus I need an attitude adjustment
from the ground up. In the hope that I can rise
above my challenges before next Monday!