Friday, May 28, 2021


Checking balance
Whatever happened to balance. In the past
we strove to live on an even keel. Admiring
and emulating those who taught us to avoid
extremes. Considering their options in order
to maintain an amalgam of perspectives fed
from a range of influences. However now it
seems that such an ideal of an open heart or
mind has been usurped by rabid extremism.
One where you must pick a side and never
waiver. A perspective which deems the very
concept of evolutionary thought as suspect.
Let alone learning from our mistakes. Thus
few if any are willing to meet half way.
Catch as catch can
Instead we opt to deny the obvious and reject
cooperation. And all who don't agree with us.
Such an approach to thinking not only limits
our options - it stunts any growth. Which is
exactly what is happening all across America.
Rather than gather together we choose to grow
further apart. The result is an ever widening
gap. The ultimate manifestation of dissent.
To the point where many of us have given up.
Rather than even attempt to counter irrational
dogma with common sense. Causing me to
wonder if we can ever truly become "The
United States of America." Are we doomed?
Room with a view
While considered highly opinionated by many - 
I'm always willing to consider any alternative.
And give everybody a second chance. That's
because I've seen our world and it's inhabitants
evolve. Changing their minds. thoughts, words,
and deeds. What was taboo is now embraced
by most. Hence whether we're willing to admit
it or not - most of us adapt to our circumstances.
The key is breaking down barriers rather than
erecting further obstacles to our growth. In the
end simply talking things out makes our world
a better place. And an even playing ground for
all involved. Can't we all have an even chance?