Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Ain't that a kick in the head?

There I go again
Usually I'm an optimist. By my very nature
I consider the glass half full. Said positive
outlook enables me to overcome just about
any obstacle. However there are times when
positive intent doesn't cut it. As in the pain
from a migraine headache. Said process of
debilitation not only hurts like hell but turns
me into a negative nelly. During such times
nothing eases to pain - even positive intent.
Hence for the last few days I've been a head
case. Knowing that ultimately this too shall
pass. And that until that day of redemption
I'm destined to be absolutely miserable. 
Too much of a bad thing
Let me stop you before you attempt to offer
any home remedies, new meds, or the like.
I've suffered from migraines all of my life.
Hence I've tried everything. Soul numbing
medication. Vitamin therapy. Dietary edits.
Acupuncture. Meditation. Dark rooms. Sun
glasses. You name it - been there - done that.
All to no avail. Thus at least for me the only
way to survive such a painful interlude is to
grin and bear it. Waiting for the day when
suddenly the cloud lifts. Meanwhile simply
functioning is a battle. That said I'm doing
my best under such negative circumstances.
Light at the end of the tunnel
Honestly, my problems are nothing compared
to others. I can't imagine what suffering from
chronic pain or a longterm disability is like. It
is hard enough surviving a bad day let alone
an endless cycle of torture. All the reason that
to treat those out of sorts with the kindness and
respect they deserve. The older we get the more
one realizes how precious good health is. And
that once it's violated or threatened, life itself
becomes a tenuous struggle. So while my head
may hurt - I must remind myself that it could 
be worse. Therefore I'm blessed to be healthy
and soon... happy. Tomorrow is another day!