Friday, May 7, 2021


From the get no
Ever have an off day? One which from dawn
forward never moves in the right direction?
Sometimes such a skewed start is beyond our
control. Yesterday I awoke with a migraine.
One so debilitating that I couldn't see straight.
Hence the day's kickoff was literally a kick in
the ass. And from then on the rest was spent
suffering its consequences. At times external
forces derail any positive intent. Be they rain,
bad news, or any cloud hanging above one's
ability to function properly. All of which in
theory seems to indicate that day in day out
the odds are against us.
Hide and freak
Obviously if that were the case most would
opt to cower under the bedcovers on a daily
basis. Instead we rise and do whatever we
can to shine. Confident that no matter what
goes wrong - somehow we will survive. Or
even better that in said process of usurping
negativity we'll be pleasantly surprised with
the outcome of our positive intent.  If you're
like me you don't want anybody to see you
down. Putting on a facade even in the worst
of circumstances. Yet it's amazing the power
of a smile. Somehow a big grin convinces
us that all is good. Or soon will be.
Sunrise, sunset
Yesterday a friend and I shared war stories.
Recounting our worst of times. You know -
those moments in life when one doubts they
can overcome their obstacles. Ultimately we
both found our ways out. And in said exiting
process found that inevitably good is the end
result of bad. Something to remember when
you're stuck in muck that drags you down.
Like my morning migraine - the worst in life
ultimately passes. Which may be each day
starts and ends in a glorious burst of beauty.
Offering a promising start and affirming end
to every day. Even the worst.