Monday, May 17, 2021


Noise pollution
Recently a friend lost patience while waiting
in line to order a cup of coffee. A gentleman
sitting on the far side of the joint felt a need
to aggressively spout his conservative views
to all within earshot. The result was not only
intrusive to all but offensive to some. Hence
when my buddy had enough - he told said
ranting red type to "put a lid on it." Sadly it
seems we're living in what must be deemed
a cultural shift. Where courtesy and decorum
are usurped by arrogance and rudeness that's
forced upon others in the name of "freedom". 
Thus there are times when we must speak up.
Garbage in - garbage out
Often I find myself dreaming of kinder, gentler,
and quieter times. Especially when it comes to
modes of transport. Here in central Montana
many men feel the need to over compensate for
their short comings. Thus those who probably
sport the smallest of male accoutrements drive
about in massive trucks. Apparently their only
way to get a rise is by gunning big engines sans
mufflers. Obviously tone deaf they apparently
assume misery loves company when they drive'
about town. Leaving behind a trail of air and
noise pollution. Damn rules of the road - they
run it! So it's their way... or ear plugs.
Ear and now
It's not just those big wheels. Here in town
many movers and shakers travel via souped
up mini vehicles or motorcycles. Zooming
up and down our city streets at noise levels
that require ear protection. Assuming that
their thirst for speed usurps other's need to
sleep. Or enjoy their back yards. Hence all
I dream about is the day when electric rides
replace combustion engines. A fantasy given
we locals protest rather than embrace change.
Therefore it is highly doubtful that things
will quiet down in Montana. Physically or
politically. Why not we listen to each other?