Friday, May 21, 2021

Stranger things have happened...

Snow fairies
This morning we awoke to 4-5 inches of snow
and temperatures in the high twenties. Causing
us to wonder how Frank's garden will survive
beneath said white deluge. A few weeks ago
my eldest daughter lost all of her lilac buds and
many other tender varieties to a very late frost
in Michigan. So we are not alone. Except that
"E" and her sister "M" are complaining of the
heat there and in Chicago. As we are literally
freezing our garden assets. All confirmation that
one never knows what's going to happen next.
Nor do we have any control over the weather
or our fates. Yet somehow life goes on,
Angels amongst us
A few days I got my annual birthday missive
from a dear friend in Colorado. However it
lacked her usual glad tidings. Instead there
within she shared that her husband had been
diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. And
that post surgery - he could not walk and was
about to give up. Suddenly a letter arrived in
the mail from a young lady whom he'd once
encouraged artistically. Thanking him for
"saving my life". Along with encouraging him
to continue to make a difference. The next day
he walked fifty feet. And yesterday returned
home where he belongs. A modern miracle.
Strangers in paradise
Who knows what tomorrow may bring? Our
only guarantee is that somehow the majority
of us will tackle whatever comes our way. 
Post one more frigid blast central Montana
will return to spring. Soon nature will self-
correct. Which is exactly what all of us must
do no matter what may happen. Like it or not
we've no choice. Thus my need to offer up
a pep talk to myself. And all who are patient
enough to read it. This too shall pass. Hence
miracles still happen. Who knows? Maybe
Mitch McConnell will see the light? Stranger
things have happened! Just wait and see!