Wednesday, May 5, 2021

ON again. OFF again.

Neither here nor there?
Change is hard. Transitioning from one place
to another challenging at best. Hence the state
of confusion many of us are experiencing post
being vaccinated against Covid 19. Honestly,
the sense of peace, safety, and security after
getting said shot has been amazing. Easing all
stress and angst over getting infected. Along
with - in theory - eliminating the need to wear
pesky masks. Subsequently we've adhered to
the rules - wearing masks if and when asked.
Yet feeling rather silly doing so. In that here
in Montana our governor eliminated all mask
restrictions eons ago. So nobody wears them.
Damned if you do or don't?
Thus almost everyone in Fergus County does
NOT wear a mask. Vaccinated or not. Making
anybody still wearing said protection part of
that minority. Hence during our "re-opening"
at the new store yesterday - Frank and I were
caught between two extremes. In theory we're
protected. Yet in reality, some experts suggest
we might still harbor the virus and thus infect
others. So our opting in or out could negatively
impact others. However that's not our dilemma.
Sadly wearing a mask has become a political
statement. One that in theory could negatively
impact our local sales.
A delicate balance
Thus depending on who was in our store we
spent much of yesterday with our masks on
or off. Depending on the customer. A wishy
washy stance that if I'm honest - bothers me
greatly. However as merchants we have to
honor our customer's wants and needs. Thus
for now we plan to continue our alternative
approach to public safety. Our challenge is
straddling today's political schism of two
extremes. A dilemma that impacts far more
than masks alone. Therefore we hope that
our on again off again approach shows that
we care for and respect all whom we serve.