Saturday, November 14, 2020


No apology necessary

This morning we got a call from a sorry pair
of friends. Apologizing for the fact that they'd
tested positive for Coronavirus. Amongst the
lucky, their symptoms are "no worse than a
hangover." Faced with such infectious news - 
they were calling any/all with whom they'd
come into recent contact with. Fortunately our
(Frank and I) exposure was outside with masks
and enough social distancing to not worry. Yet
I couldn't help but feel sorry that they felt the
need to apologize for something that they had
done their best to avoid. Whereas other locals
still feel free literally leave caution to the wind.
Sorry state of affairs
Everybody has regrets. Yet in most cases - 
apologies are not required. However some of
us act as if no apology is necessary. At least
when it comes to the errors of their ways. 
Neither passive nor purposeful aggression
is acceptable behavior. But for some reason
many of us are willing to look the other way.
Or worse - actually condone things that are
just plain wrong. Excuses aside, there is really
no justification for words or deeds designed
to hurt not help. Life is easier when we all
play by the same set of rules. Treating others
with respect, kindness,  and courtesy.
With sincere apologies
Confronted by negative influences - many
are conflict adverse. Preferring to look the
other way or worse run away. Initially it 
seems much easier to ignore the obvious.
However like all things negative, it only
best worse. Thus America's bad behavior
challenge. A few bad apples - rotten to the
core have tainted our democratic process. 
Dragging us down by rejecting the common
good. And for that kind of bad behavior an
apology is simply not enough. Rather we
must hold each other accountable. Focusing
even the worst of us on what's best for ALL.