Friday, November 6, 2020


Seeing is believing
Some of us can't help ourselves. Apparently
many of Donald Trump's advisors tried to
keep him away from the podium. Worried
about what he'd say or do. Unfortunately
post pre presidential media appearances by
Joe Biden he couldn't help himself. And so
he held what can only be deemed a shameful
spectacle. During which he accused a loyal
bi-partisan poll staff across many states of
"stealing" the election from him. His diatribe
not only offensive but NUTS. Proof that all
who voted for him made a very big mistake.
And so I say be careful who you vote for...
Audience participation
Frankly viewing such a spectacle left me
speechless. Actually my reaction was even
more primal. As I sat and watched Donald 
Trump attempt to dishonor the very core
of democracy I started to cry. Not tears of
joy but rather the physical manifestation
of my outrage. Stoking my anger over his
irrational disdain for those he was elected
to serve. Which reinforced my newfound
aggressive stance against all who voted
for such a reprehensible man. Affirming
that their careless voting has endangered
our republic. What were they thinking?
Remote control
One can only deem said debacle reprehensible.
However I prefer to consider it an indictment
against the man himself. And those who voted
for him. He is as crazy as experts, employees,
friends, employees, colleagues, and even his
family claim. Such a public spectacle is not
normal. Nor can be defended by weak excuses.
Our current President is NUTS. As is anybody
stupid or stubborn enough to defend him. So
if nothing else I hope that his performance will
be a rallying call to ALL Republicans. Forcing 
their leaders to step up and control his mania.
Soon it will be over. That is if it's not too late...