Wednesday, November 11, 2020


A shot in the dark
The news of a potential vaccine may be very
encouraging. However a rise in Coronavirus
infections is anything but. It's hard to believe
that we've been living with this threat for over
eight months. And while the idea of another
shut down looms on the fore - I'm not going
there. Well, actually I am not going anywhere.
Rather than wait for a shut down we've shut
off most of the world. Isolating ourselves from
the potential threat of infection. Not because
we're scared but rather because we're trying to
be smart. Somehow a nice dinner out doesn't
seem worth the risk.
Group dynamic

Denial may be popular however rejecting the
inevitable is foolhardy at best. Hence it's best
for all involved to take the easiest route out.
Which is to wear a mask, keep your distance
 and stay at home. Sadly it seems that others
will do anything except just that. Instead they
put themselves and anyone nearby at risk for
exposure. A selfish act if nothing else. Sadly
it seems we live in a world where it's all or
nothing at all. A schism that extends beyond
politics. In that some feel the only thing that's
important is their freedom to endanger others.
How many must die before we learn our lesson.
Home sweet home

Slowly this pandemic is becoming much more
personal. In that everybody knows somebody
who has been hit hard. Yesterday we heard of
some folks we truly adore who are quite sick
with what may be Covid 19. Of even greater
concern is that they're older. Hence their risk
of complications is greater. And suddenly the
realization that we're dealing with something
very real hit home. This pandemic isn't a joke.
Nor is it a hoax. It's a very real threat which is
only going to increase as the winter months go
on. How will we survive? Equally important -
who will survive? Only time will tell...