Wednesday, November 25, 2020

And the dead shall rise again

Over and out
Just after Election Day I wrote a very angry
blog. Within which I outlined my hostility
towards those who had voted for Donald J.
Trump. Stating said support was a sign that
they'd compromised their moral and ethical
standards. And thus from then on I would
consider them "dead to me." About a week
later my perspective evolved from my "line
in the sand". Realizing that allowing Mr. 
Trump to split our country was foolhardy at
best. Since then I've tried to reject Trump's
very being. Assuming the less said - the
better. Not realizing any residual impact...
Historical precedence
Historically I was never a political creature. In
fact early in my life I was a Republican who
voted for Reagan, Bush,  and Dole. That alone
being ample proof that we all evolve, grow, and
change. It wasn't until Donald J. Trump entered
the fray that I spoke against him as a man. Not
because of his Republican ilk. Nor his pseudo
conservative agenda. But rather because of the
man himself. Who from my experience is just
a manipulative and self-absorbed scoundrel.
Yet from then on I was dragged down by his
negative influence. That is until I figured it out.
Ignoring the trumped up elephant in the room.
Alternative reality
What I didn't realize at the time was the power
of my influence. Not knowing that publishing
said blog would hurt many people who mean
quite a lot to me. Several who felt abandoned
on the wrong side of the line which I'd drawn.
Said residual impact causing pain long after I
had moved on to a different conclusion. And
for that I'm deeply sorry. This blog is a highly
emotional of the moment diatribe. Which may
drag innocent bystanders into its swirl. Hence
each entry is a snapshot in time. And this time
an ugly image of how broken my spirit and our
country seemed to be right there and then. 
Opportunity zone
Sadly I can't take back what I've said. Nor can
I heal the pain my words caused. But if I hate
anything - I loathe the fact that my thoughts
hurt, insulted, and slurred many. I'm not God.
Nor do I assume that I'm always right. If I've
learned anything about myself it's that I'm just
a piece of work in process. I make mistakes
all too often. Chances are more will soon join
said fray. That said, I apologize for what I said.
Even more important - am sorry for any hurt
my words may have caused. My hope is that
we can all forgive... and forget. Rising to the
occasion and getting on with living. Can we?