Friday, November 20, 2020


The low down
The other day Frank suggested that we have
lowered our standard of living. As relates to
the upkeep of our home and possessions. A
statement tp which I immediately reacted with
great umbrage. Considering the very idea that
we'd somehow compromised our home seems
offensive at best. Obviously the older we get
the harder it only gets. Hence managing a big
old house with limited resources grows all the
more challenging as the years go by. However
I find the very idea that we've somehow slipped
up, let go, or given in is simply not acceptable.
Causing me to take a closer look at things.
Down & dirty
And suddenly, there was proof. Upon bending
down to pick up a scrap of paper I discovered
that the back legs of our hall chair were dusty.
Was this proof that we need to move on? Or
filthy evidence of our inability to see no evil?
Over our lives we've had to clean up for older
folks. Both sets of parents downsized several
times. Leading us to find ample evidence of
what I call "old folks dirt". Unseen and hidden
proof of frequent use and limited maintenance.
Like dustballs behind pictures on the wall. Or
that dirty residue lurking upon phones, light
switches, or remote controls. Are we that old?
Old enough to know better
Have you noticed that your elderly neighbors
never turn on their lights? Is it because they'd
rather not shed light on the evidence or rather
that they've simply lost their desire to shine?
Are we all destined to ultimately be stuck in
a Lazy-Boy in some dark room? Motivation
enough to take Frank's words to heart. Hence
tomorrow I'm starting a deep clean. A get on
you hands and knees (or ladder) purification
process. By next Thursday this house should
be as it should be. Which is something to be
thankful for. Next we'll move on to our very
long punch list. Proof that we're not dead yet!