Thursday, November 12, 2020


Neither here nor there?
Even the best occasionally fly off the handle.
Capriciously detouring down some track - 
even if we're not sure of where it goes. Let
alone ends. Boarding a ship of fools can be
quite easy. Therefore often we blithely join 
n what almost always ends up a journey to
oblivion. Call it foolhardy, naive, or stupid -
going off the deep  end rarely yields results.
Better to hold onto a known entity that is
firm and secure we've no hope of surviving.
So why are so many of us easily fooled by
rumor, innuendo, and outright falsehoods?
Are we really that dumb? Or even dumber?
Over or out?
Everybody's mother advised that just because
everybody else was doing it - we needed join
said fray. However there is a big difference
between figuratively jumping off a bridge and
denying bi-partisan election results. Amongst
the first things we are taught is that everybody
wins some - loses others. Along with the fact
that there is nobility in losing gracefully. Thus
I don't understand why seemingly intelligent
leaders have joined in a falsetto chorus of lies.
Have they totally lost it? Or are they actually
terrified of actually losing their control of our
political process. And hence are very afraid.
Now or never?
Another sage old adage suggests that cheaters
never prosper. Which seems to suggest that
the best way to regain any momentum lost is
by trying harder the next time. If nothing else
this election has proven how both sides seem
incapable of gaining more momentum. Hence
it's obvious that we the people voted for very
delicate balance. An almost even distribution
of power. Yet apparently those elected view
said opportunity as a liability. Rejecting our
desire that both sides contribute to our future.
And what could be more irresponsible than
that? Isn't it time that they did their jobs?!