Saturday, November 28, 2020


Double indemnity
In the end a Coronavirus Thanksgiving wasn't
as bad as most thought it would be. For many
years Frank and I spent said holiday far from
family. Thus we went back to a tradition that
in actuality was always quite lovely. My two
daughters celebrated with immediate family at
home also. Yet we all set a nice table, cooked,
and served the traditional turkey feast. And in
the end, little was really all that different this
year except being forced to be fewer and far
between. Which if nothing else caused us to
be grateful for those missing from our tables.
With many thanks for all of the memories
Risky business
So what happens next?! For most Christmas has
always been special and important. For many of
our friends it's Chanukah. However one usually
celebrates the season - chances are this year will
be anything but "normal." If our business is any
indication - people are being cautious with their
spending. Shopping on-line versus masked face-
to-face. Hence it's safe to assume that more than
a few Americans will stay close to home in the
weeks leading up to the big event. The question
being whether we'll see a major residual impact
from Thanksgiving gatherings. Could it be that
it truly is better (smarter) to be safe than sorry?
Home alone
Home is where the heart is. However it may be
best to stay away from anyplace but yours this
Christmas. Love will be in the air but so will
Covid 19. Thus our plan is to stay close to
home - alone. Christmas is all about the gift
of life. So why would we risk yours or others
by giving someone we know and love the gift
that keeps on taking - Coronavirus? Instead
we must maximize each other's chances of
survival until we can get a shot in the arm. It
has been said that sans pain there is no gain.
So this year our gift to the rest of you will be
sipping eggnog for deux at home. And you?