Tuesday, November 17, 2020


Tried & true
Lately nothing seems to be working. As in
any connection with modern technology.
Apparently there are few things I can rely
on in life. Save for the simplest of tools.
One rarely runs into trouble with their
Basic vegetable peeler. Yet suddenly all
other kitchen helpers stop functioning.
Some attribute  trials and tribulations to
planned obsolescence. Assuming all are
designed to break down sooner than later.
Others consider dysfunction to be the fault
of the user themself. That whatever went
wrong just has to be due to operator error. 

Easier said than done 
Last week my printer just stopped working. So
I tried to fix it. First I banged it. Then opened
kit up and fiddled. Post getting no results I hit
the internet. Searchingspecific terms in a quest
to get things moving again. Yet post hours of
trivial pursuit I gave up. Only to next attempt
to buy a new one. Which in the old days would
have required a quick trip to Shopko to pick
from it's minimal assortment. Nowadays our
only option is driving at least a hundred miles
over icy roads to shop. Thus I will try to make
a good choice on-line and then wait a few days
for a replacement. What's an old guy to do?
Over and out 
My challenge is that I need to print something.
Which in theory should be easy. But what is in
our hi-tech world?  Technology continues to
zoom in ways I can't control let alone fathom.
Leaving me in the dust of ineptitude. Hence 
I've come to the conclusion that the only thing
obsolescent is me. Whether I"m worn out or no
longer relevant - I can't function like I used to.
Therefore my ability to positively contribute
seems less and less. Could this be due to some
subversive plot? Or is it just a fact of life. In
that while we may all get older and wiser - we
can't seem to get anything done.