Saturday, November 21, 2020


Sorry for the inconvenience
Every day the numbers get worse. More and
more are infected, hospitalized, and die due
to Coronavirus. Yet others act as if nothing is
wrong. Like they are immune from said viral
pandemic. Recently a friend's family opted to
cancel their Thanksgiving feast. Their sound
rationale being that all of the grandkids were
attending school. Participating in group sports.
Or hanging out with friends on a regular basis.
Thus such over exposure might endanger those
older. A wise decision. That is until it one of
said tots needed a ride to the dentist. And only
vulnerable grandma was able to take them.

God, mother, or country?
Is it callous to endanger your mother's life in
order to insure your kid's braces get adjusted?
The other day at a retailer I asked a young lady
behind the counter why she was sans a mask.
"If I come into close contact then I put one on."
Apparently not worried about any of her germs
being suspended midair in the meantime. Next
I apologized for my role as the "mask police."
Suggesting better to be safe than sorry. Or risk
endangering one's grandparents. Her response?
"Oh they already had it - like a mild cold." So
there we have it. Even when the governor says
wear a mask some rules are made to be broken.
Herd immunity?
How bad does it have to get? Apparently the
assumption that a vaccine is in the wings has
thrown caution to the wind. Therefore any
inconvenience done in deference to others
more vulnerable is unacceptable. Indication
that America is already infected by a rampant
case of self-indulgence. Even worse, it seems
the only way some will learn is the hard way.
Meaning that a close brush with death itself
may be the only effective motivation in taking
preventative measures. What is wrong with us?
Have we sunk so low that nothing and nobody
is worth a little bit of extra time and effort?