Wednesday, November 18, 2020


Safe or sorry? 

Every year Americans gather together to give
thanks. And in addition devouring a big feast.
It's the one holiday that almost everybody joins
in. Therefore it's been part of our lives from the
very start. Which is part of the reason why the
very idea of NOT dining together is troubling.
Obviously in these times of Coronavirus there
is a risk to any group effort. In that each and
every one of us come into daily contact with a
variety of external forces Which means that if
a group of individuals congregate - the who,
what, and where multiplies. Thus Coronavirus
just might might end up sitting at your table.
Now or never? 
Hence this year the risk of being over served
is usurped by a strong chance of being over
exposed. Which once that happens, the odds
are that by mid-December even more of us
may be sick with Covid 19. Thus leading to
an overload of medical and hospital resources.
Along with increased deaths. So is munching
on a drumstick or pumpkin pie en masse worth
the risk? Can we be thankful knowing that our
feast endangers those we know and love? It's
those questions and more that most Americans
are struggling with. Even when the obvious
answer is to be safe and stay at home.
More or less? 
I don't like the prospect of turkey for two any
more than you do. Yet in the end it's better to
be safe than sorry. This year we're considering
staying put. Both of my daughters decided just
that given the Coronavirus crisis in Chicago
and Grand Rapids. Therefore Thanksgiving
this year may prove that less is more. As in no
fuss, visitors, and fewer dishes to wash. Plus
roasting a wee turkey. Baking pumpkin tartlets.
And sitting down to cocktails for two in front
of the fire.  Let's not forget that we have much
to be thankful for. So should we make Turkey
Day this year healthy. happy, safe, and smart?