Monday, November 16, 2020


Fairy tale dreams
Fantasy is by it's very purpose transformative.
In that it transports one anyplace but here. A
nirvana of one's own liking where everything
is as it should be. Well, at least as far as we're
concerned. Within said self imposed cocoon
all is good and anybody who disagrees with
one - is bad. But such a haven isn't limited to
sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. Rather a
plethora of institutional fantasies exist right
here in America. Veritable paradises where
those involved maintain an isolated state of
mind - where perception is anything but reality.
Be that of a religious or political nature.
Heaven on earth 
Religious fundamentalism is just one of those
institutional forms for fantasy. It thrives within
a myopic context of defined dogma. Based on
the historical and cultural context of written
words. Within said confines all is pre-ordained.
Hence one's life as long as they play by said
rules. The only challenge being when external
forces intercede from beyond the norm. Faced
with alternative reality, said accolytes have a
choice to either adapt or reject the facts of life.
The same applies to modern day cults. However
the difference is their credos are often based on
the power of an individual personality alone.
Which brings us to the most fantastical affinity -
politics. In theory political groups align behind
clearly defined principals, structures, rules, and
regulations. The exception being dictatorships
where one personality defines all of the above.
Which may be part of the reason why America
is engulfed in a conflict between fantasy and
reality. Our political process split between fact
and the figments of one man's imagination. A
crisis that threatens the core of our republican
democracy. Yet a challenge that is fortunately
temporal at best. Soon a new reality will usurp
our current state of delusional fantasy.