Monday, November 2, 2020


Vicious cycle

And so it is. Tomorrow is Election Day. The
culmination of what must be deemed a very
vicious cycle. Ninety five million plus have
already made their choice. Over 70% percent
of the total in 2016. Both candidates have
been strutting their stuff in a last ditch effort
to sway the undecided. As Trump supporters
tried to force a Biden campaign bus into a
ditch. Across this country cities are boarding
up in fear of political unrest. Meanwhile most
of us are staying close to home as the country
is swept by an unprecedented Coronavirus
outbreak. So no matter what we're screwed.
Party poopers
So where will we be at the end of the week?
Chances are that many Americans will feel
cheated. In that whoever they supported has
lost. Meanwhile the rest will be victorious. 
Celebrating what others are certain to view
as a big mistake. Hence this writers humble
opinion is there will be nothing to celebrate.
That's because our self imposed wounds will
take years to heal. Somewhere, somehow we
all lost. Our dignity that is. The result being
a smear on the integrity of our democratic
republic. The question is whether we can
rise to the challenge? And heal our union.
Equal opportunity
The root of this evil is WE the people. Our
apathy. Our disengagement. Our inaction
brought this upon ourselves. When given
the choice of the lesser of two evils - some
made a decision based on celebrity, rumor,
and innuendo. Others opted out. Four years
later the choice is ours once again. However
this time, the gravity of said action is all the
more important. Never more important it's
a choice between good and evil. Morality
or megalomania. Fact versus fiction. None
of which should be taken lightly. Whatever
decision you make - do it with honor.