Saturday, November 7, 2020

Time to take out the trash?

Deferred maintenance
I've been needing to deep clean the kitchen for
days. A dirty deed that I dislike more than you
can imagine. While I truly adore a bright spot -
I loathe the process of cleaning up. Thus I've
been doing anything but scrubbing. First there
were autumn leaves that had to be raked out to
the curb for removal. Next it was Election Day
which was obviously a distraction. Then I had
to work a day in our shop. Meanwhile the task
at hand only got worse. Finally with no winner
as of yet, I had no choice except to do the dirty
deed. Which once done left me with a sense of
accomplishment. And much needed clean start.
The task at hand

Like it or not there are times when we all
must get down and dirty. Hence lacking
a clear winner isn't justification for not
scrubbing the stove. Forcing me to roll
up my sleeves and get on with it. Which
is exactly what we are going to have to
do whomever America elects..With two
plus months minimum left in the White
House - Mr. Trump is certain to muck
things up. Leaving whoever wins more
than a negative impression. A toxic pile
trash that must be dealt with promptly.
Like Coronavirus and a weak economy.
Fresh start
Isn't now the time for Americans to clean
up our act? Every four years we reset our
political compass. A fresh start that can
be a process of elimination. Requiring
a deep clean in previously over looked
nooks and crannies. Dealing with others
trash is never a pretty task. A necessary
evil - the process of fueling democracy
requires constant routine maintenance.
No matter who wins - both sides must
find a way to share the task of starting
anew. Or will they ignore the inevitable?
And end up making an even bigger mess?