Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Home alone
Some suggest that one can have too much of
a good thing. A confirmed homie theres little
I enjoy more than being in my own sphere of
influence. Sunday morning Lewistown awoke
to a blizzard with at least a foot on the ground
plus drifting. Which meant that at least for the
next day we would be staying close to home.
Such limited access seeming almost normal in
this time of the Coronavirus. In theory staying
put sounds rather appealing. However having
been through a fourteen day quarantine let me
assure you that solitary confinement is not fun.
Hence many are suffering from cabin fever.
Open and shut case
Long ago I exited the closet. So maybe that's
why I've resisted using this time to reorganize
mine. My winter togs remaining out of reach
as if somehow still wearing pastel hues insures
I can avoid the inevitable. The sad fact is time
marches on. Wherever one is. Leaving us with
almost no choice but to make the best of things.
So today I'm going to get down and dirty. As
in reorganizing our basement. Next I plan on
hitting the books. As in our corporate finances.
In the hope of lessening the impact of the most
dreaded of tasks - tax preparation. The fact is
I've much to do. But will I do it?

Tempus fugit
Given no other option I've no choice but to
get on with things. The same applies to you.
There has to be some task that you've been
putting off for far to long. Along with all of
the little things that life requires on a daily
basis. So why not make the best of things?
The good news is that within six months we
should have a Coronavirus vaccine. Meaning
that all too soon the chances of getting one's
act together will soon be shot. Thus before
we know it we'll be out and about once more.
In the meantime - tempus fugit. It's only forty
four days til Christmas!