Monday, November 9, 2020


Haters gonna hate
This blogger received a plethora of accolade
for and challenges against last Thursday's blog.
Wherein I declared my disdain and disgust for
anybody who voted for Donald Trump. Some
accusing me of "hate". Both of my daughters
came down on me hard about said stance. Days
later I got into a political tussle with somebody
who truly means the world to me. Then I sat
down and watched President Elect Joe Biden's
victory speech. Which moved me deeply. And
suddenly I figured it out. Somehow over the
years I had ended up giving Donald J. Trump 
exactly us what he wanted. POWER.
Waste of time
This year marks the eighth anniversary of my
daily diatribe. Looking back the first half had
little to do with politics. Except for my random
pleas in support of gay marriage, equal rights,
and the empowerment of women. About four
and a half years ago that changed when then
candidate Trump started to gain momentum.
Slowly but surely my focus shifted to him and
he alone. From celebrating my life to battling
a man for whom I have no respect, Therefore
he won more than an election. In that he held
my attention and usurping all else since. Just
what any megalomaniac wants. CONTROL
Out of sight, out of mind
Frankly I find the fat that I've given him too
much attention rather embarrassing. Along
with the fact that my focus on Mr. Trump
only furthered his efforts to be top of mind
in the world at large. thus for my purposeful
omission of almost all else - I apologize. My
goal as of today is to avoid the inevitable.
Thus my new resolution is to spread no evil. 
Which means ignore Donald J. Trump. And
focus of more important things. Yet like any
crack addict I'm sure I'll falter. One thing is
certain. Mr. Trump's chokehold on America
(and me) is near it's end. BYE DON!