Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Eight Years of Doorbusters

Crazy eights
Today is my 2,920th blog entry. Eight years ago
I sat down in Dallas at our dining room table to
initiate this stream of consciousness. And if I've
learned anything since it's when one door closes
another opens. On November 24th, 2012 I was
still recovering from an emergency exit. After
almost five years at J.C.Penney I'd been walked
out of corporate HQ. Just another casualty of a
maniac's failure to reinvent said retail stalwart.
To this day I'm proud to have stood up for what
I knew was right. Sadly further attempts to save
the brand continue to struggling. This week the
JCP team also exited the same premises forever.

Time well spent
Eight years later - Frank and I are living our
dream come true in Lewistown, Montana. Two
jobs and a few years in Manhattan in between.
The other day Frank noted our historic home -
better known as the Passion Pit is our longest
primary domicile in twenty five years. Having
moved in the summer of 2014 - we purchased
it less than two months after I started the blog.
So any of those loyal enough to have followed
montanaroue' since the beginning joined in on
it's transformation. As I just said to my sister-
in-law this morning - we're in nothing else all
exercises in never-ending evolution.
Either you're in or out

So much has changed over the last eight years.
Most for the better. However theres one aspect
life that in my opinion changed for the worst.
With the advent of a now nameless (and to me
non-existent) man - our American system of
government almost imploded. Proof that one
bad player can virtually destroy two centuries
of democratic process. While soon to be gone
and forgotten - we cannot ignore what derision
has wrought. Hence it is our responsibility to
celebrate all that brings us together - not tears
us apart. Something easier said than done. So
let's hope it works. And we're the better for it.