Thursday, November 5, 2020


Enough already
As I write this America still has no winner.
The results continue to trickle in. Ample
proof of a nation that is divided. Betwixt
and between two points of no return. The
final winner must decide what's next. Will
they reach across America's schism in a
gesture of unanimity? Or lash out against
their former foes in bitter retribution. One
hopes the rest of us have learned our lesson.
Now knowing how fragile our democratic
process is. Assuming full responsibility
for restoring, nurturing, and protecting it
for future generations. Will we rise or fall?
Gone to the devil

A noble concept that I cannot participate
in. Whatever the outcome I must share my
disappointment with at least half America.
Knowing what you do about Mr. Trump
you still supported him. Liar, cheat, racist,
abuser, and cad. Hence for that vote alone
you should be ashamed of yourself. You
are the reason our country is in peril. By
endorsing Donald Trump you've indicated
you are willing to do anything to maintain
power. Including selling your soul to said
devil. So while I pity you, I feel no need to
forgive the unforgivable. You disgust me.
Persona non grata
Harsh words but all true. I consider your
weakness. immorality. and myopia quite
shameful. Which causes me to see you in
a different and rather unflattering light.
Therefore if I seem cool the next time we
meet - blame it on yourself. Knowing that
you are not worthy of my respect - even
if as a gentleman I treat you with just that.
Your support of Mr. Trump has endangered
and threatened my children, grand children,
and America's future. Proof that you are as
bad as he or worse. Stay away. I can't waste
my time on your kind. You are dead to me.