Saturday, September 19, 2020


Heaven help us
Recently a letter to the editor appeared
in our local paper entitled "What would
Jesus do?" The author suggesting that
while Donald Trump has made mistakes
and exhibited character and moral flaws,
Jesus would forgive and forget. Oh ...
and most important  vote for Trump.
Who therefore should be forgiven,
trusted, and supported no matter what.
An option I struggle with. As do many
of my friends and acquaintances who
are currently trying to decide who they
will designate as their next President.
Neither nor?
The prevalent Trump versus Biden dilemma
is that many trust neither. Or... politicians in
general. Hence quite a few are at a quandary
as to how to pull their lever. However most
of said suspicion relates to the reality that
few candidate promises ever become reality.
Whereas the greatest issues related to Trump
have nothing to do with politics. But rather
the man himself. Versus Joe Biden who is
also all too human. Meaning that as least as
far as most Americans are concerned - who
they choose for President will be the lesser
of two evils. A conclusion not reached easily.
The devil is in the detail
Which is what I've been talking about for
years. I don't give a damn about red or
blue politics. That's because this time my
vote (and yours) must be a judgement of
the man himself. His record shows that
he's a confirmed, skilled, and inveterate
LIAR. Proof he is disingenuous at best.
Next let's review his personal demeanor.
Which is known to be nasty, vindictive,
and cruel. Anything but "Presidentia". 
Finally there is his job performance in
and of itself. Which has been ineffective
at best. Leaving America in a total mess.
Choose wisely
So given the choice, why not choose Joe Biden?
Sure he's made mistakes. The difference is he's
tried to correct the error of his ways. Whereas
Trump truly believes he's never wrong. Joe may
gild the lily but his true falsehoods have been
few and far between. In contrast to Mr. Trump's
long and recorded trail of purposeful deceit. Oh
and then there is Mr.Biden himself. A man who
is known to wear his heart on his sleeve. Which
proves he's human versus a monstrous figment
of Donald's self aggrandizement. Therefore my
only conclusion is that Jesus would vote for Joe.
Hence my suggestion is why not join him?