Monday, September 21, 2020


The biggest loser?
Fate seems to have dealt Mr. Trump the ultimate
trump card. That giving him the chance to shift
our focus from the Coronavirus threat, a tough
economy, and the candidate's own moral issues.
Giving him the mantle of the pro-life savior.
Shifting this election to be about choice alone. 
Forcing single issue voters to select a candidate
who is proven ineffective at best. All because
a proven adulterer, liar, cheat, and cad is willing
to do anything to gain another four years. Even
if that means violating the rights of millions of
American women who prefer to make their own
decisions as relates to their lives, their bodies.
Pros and cons
To be clear I am personally pro life. But what
exactly does that mean? Freedom to choose
what's right for me. Including my deepest 
and darkest moral dilemmas. Such an equal
opportunity insures that nobody can dictate
to any other how they must think, live, or
love. Hence in my America it's your business
as to who you vote for and why. And whether
you choose to hold your leaders accountable
or... opt to empower proven losers in order to
win at all costs. That's your choice and while
it may disgust me I've no choice except to
support you right to make a wrong decision.
It's all about you
For as many rightists there is an qual or
greater number on the left. The question
being whether generations of American
women will allow others to decide for
them. Handing over their right to choose
to those who couldn't disagree with more.
And that is what this election is all about.
We've no choice but to vote our conscience.
Knowing that what happens on November
third will impact more than the future of
our country. Limiting the options of ALL
women we know and love. Making your
choice for President incredibly important.