Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Please stop it
The last thing I wanted to talk about today was
politics. I started my day with a firm resolve to
avoid the obvious. Yet as the day progressed
nothing of consequence came to mind. It could
have been because I was distracted. Deferred
from my apolitical mission by the nonsense in
Washington. And so I finally had to give in.
And accept that I can't think of anything but
the political crisis attacking America. Mostly
because even living in an isolated bubble such
as rural Montana - I can't escape reality. Like
all of those constant reminders that Donald J.
Trump just might win a second term.

Signs of the times
Last weekend Lewistown held it's 31st annual
Chokecherry festival. Many worried that the
Coronavirus crisis would negatively impact
attendance. However in the end Main Street
was packed. With folks the majority of who
didn't seem to give a damn. Otherwise they
would have worn masks. Instead they chose
to go with the flow (as in germs). Assuming
they'd dodge Covid. Meanwhile the popular
booth was handing out Trump 2020 signs.
A sgn that the locals must be as immoral and
self absorbed a their candidate of choice. Or
could it be that they just make bad decisions?

Poison pill
No wonder I'm in a haze. Conflagrations in
California, Oregon, Washington, Montana,
Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada had made our
air "unhealthy" - our mountains out of sight.
However that's not whats bothering me. It's
President Trump's disdain for science and
rejection of global warming. Add his strategic
mishandling of the Coronavirus. Hence it's no
wonder that I'm a mess. And can't think of
anything else. I've no doubt that Mr. Trump is
poison. Yet many Americans appear to enjoy
drinking his deadly brew of lies and deceit..
Rather an antidote to his evil - Joe Biden.