Saturday, September 26, 2020


Kids say the darnedest things
Remember that show with Art Linkletter? The
one where he let kids talk? Thus allowing their
candor, observations, and statements to shock
everyone? Sadly Mr. Trump's ramblings are
akin to any other juvenile delinquent's. Hence
his recent rants of refusal related to accepting
the upcoming election results prove that he's
nothing but a spoiled brat. Who unfortunately
holds the highest office in the United States of
America. And is willing to do whatever to hold
onto his seat in the oval office against all odds.
Stomping his bully pulpit with rumors, lies, and
innuendo. A public hissy fit of self preservation.

Who smells a rat?
Much like many a schoolyard bully Mr. Trump
is backed by a gaggle of foolish acolytes. Who
join in his chorus of repetitive falsehoods. Yet
one wonders when our President may push his
not so hidden agenda over the edge. When will
they finally stand up against his never ending
assaults on democracy? Can they draw a line
that prohibits our country from going over the
edge? Or will they follow his pied piperesque
lead to the point of extinction? Proving that
when it comes to vermin - Republicans cannot
execute even the most basic of pest control. 
Unable to tame the beast of their own making.

Parental guidance suggested
As with dealing with any discipline problem, at 
some point the adults must regain control. One
hopes that some morality or credibility lurks in
the hearts of our Republican representatives.
And so will stopTrump before he destroys both
himself and our country. However until now our
red side has only proven to be skilled at internal
bleeding. Which is what rat poison does. Kills
from within. If the last four years have taught
us anything it's that one bad boy can destroy
the entire family. Hence it's time that we vote
to stop Donald Trump. And post the election
put him in time out until after the inauguration.