Wednesday, September 23, 2020

There goes the neighborhood

Signs of the times
Yesterday my neighbors posted a pair of
"Trump 2020" signs on their front lawn.
Which to me are the political equivalent
of a burning KKK cross. Offensive and
incredibly disturbing. Thus causing me to
wonder what's next. Is Lewistown about
to become Berlin in the early thirties? Or
Rwanda in 1994? Will neighbor turn on
neighbor? Could Frank and I be doomed
simply because we're the antithesis of the
conservative American ideal? Stranger
things have happened. Resulting in hate,
derision, and death. Or... worse.
Which side are you on? 
Maybe I'm being a big paranoid but I'm scared.
Worried about what will happen to our country
post the election. One side or the other will be
disappointed. What concerns me most is what
happens next. Will the losers lash out in anger?
Or humbly embrace defeat. Given this a nation
of extremes - chances are some will get hurt as
a result. And the very prospect of such turmoil,
pain, and hostility puts me over the edge. Yet
I have no control over anyone but myself. Is the
world as we know it about to implode? Will the
endless spin only end with violence, hate, and
disenfranchisement? Can we all move on?
Nobody's fault but their own
Recently theres been much conflict on the
montanaroue facebook page. Clashes over
ideology have shifted to personal attacks,
slurs, and outright nastiness. All of which
I want nothing to do with. From the very
start this blog has been my way to find an
answer. A place where I work things out
in the company of strangers. Unfortunately
the schism between "us" and "them" has
grown so deep that we can no longer have
a conversation. Let alone agree on how to
protect ourselves against Coronavirus. How
will it end? Are we our own worst enemies?