Wednesday, September 2, 2020


Sick and tired
It seems like we've been dealing with Covid
forever. When in reality, it first hit us hard in
March. At this point many question what is
real versus surreal. One day a miracle drug
is touted by the oval office. Next it's proven
to be not only ineffective but dangerous. At
first testing is available for "everyone." Then
it isn't. Next it took weeks to get results. And
now even if you come into contact with one
who is sick - not necessary. Initially masks
were not needed. Now they're required. Oh...
and somebody said you could never catch it
again until someone did. And then more did.
True and false
Like some intelligence test it seems that every
question has multiple choice answers. Some
true. Others false. Thus many struggle to find
the right solution.We're stuck in a state of viral
purgatory. One where we're damned if we do,
don't, can't, or won't. No wonder many of us
are simply giving up. Assuming that if Covid
doesn't kill us, this state of limbo will. All we
want is somebody to draw a line in the politcal
sand. Establish rules and stick to them. Then
again not all of us want just that. Others cry
foul when and if anybody even tries to protect
them and others. No wonder we're in a swirl.
Neither nor
Meanwhile people are protesting in the streets.
Rioters are running amuck. Vigilantes attempt
to limit others rights while they exercise their
right to carry arms. I don't know about you but
I certainly didn't have any idea this was going
to happen four years ago. I knew in my "gut"
that Donald J. Trump was a fake. I was wrong
in assuming he would lose. Four years later
and well into the last months of his first term
we live in a different world. One where those
who hate, kill, or maim are "good people". As
most of us are already questioning the viability
of the upcoming Presidential election.
Here and now
Four years ago almost all of our problems
didn't exist. Well actually they did. Back
then strong leaders did everything possible
to bring out the best - not worst in all us.
Four years later - false promises aside -
America is truly not greater. And who is
to blame? What's the difference between
then and now? Donald Trump. A proven
iar who suggests that if Joe Biden is elected -
things will get worse. The man who dragged
us down to this darker place. The candidate
that hopes we're stupid enough to let him do
so for four more years. If we last that long...