Friday, September 25, 2020


Where to go?
There are times when you just have to exit
the premises. Embarking on a journey to
anyplace but here. In normal times that's
easy. However deep into our coronavirus
hell - we're stuck in suspended animation.
A situation where we can't get away even
if we wanted to. And so we sit and wait. In 
he hope that things will get better than they
are. Our only challenge being cabin fever.
Along with our inability to escape our new
reality. The fact is that even if we wanted
to go - most of the places won't have us.
Or are as dangerous. Hence we're stuck.
Out of tune?
However no one ever said you can't make
something good out of a bad situation. As
the election looms thirty nine days away,
we all need a break. Ample motivation to
change our ways. So why not tune out?
As in don't watch the news for a day or
two? Chances are during such this hiatus
things won't get better. In fact the odds are
in favor of everything getting worse. But
theres no need to torture oneself on a daily
basis. All the more reason to flip the switch,
read a book, take a walk, call a friend. or
bake a cake. Any way to feed one's soul...
While you were out
Given that circumstances are beyond our
control you might as well give up. Or as
our President has suggested embrace the
fact that "it is what it is." My suggestion
is that you indulge in a "staycation". No
need to pack - just change your routine.
Better yet, ignore those bothersome old
chores that drag you down. Do whatever
you have to do to invest in yourself. If
that means cleaning out a closet then so
be it. Isn't it time you took an afternoon
nap? Go out and enjoy these last days of
summer? Whatever you do, don't give up.