Saturday, September 5, 2020


Trick or treat?
The older one gets, the harder things get. While
this old dog has learned his share of new tricks
it's hard to overcome nature's obstinance. Just
when I think I've got things figured out - some
challenge gets in my way. As in myself. While
obviously I'm not the man I once was, in most
cases - that's a good thing. The fact is given the
option - I wouldn't go back. Nor do I yearn for
times gone by. Honestly - I'm very happy with
my current status within life's cycle. In that I'm
fully aware that there is a beginning and an end
to said process. And that the in-between is where
all the action is. So enjoy it while you may...
Here and now
Recently someone beyond special to me found
out that her Mother is nearing the end. Beyond
help - they're sending her home where hospice
care will take over. Having been through this
four times - I'm somethingof an expert. Yet
when dealing with losing a parent - there is no
one size fits all solution. My advice was simple.
Consider these final moments a precious gift.
An opportunity to say what hasn't been said.
To share your love. And to say goodbye. That
said I do know one thing. Which is that your
parent never really leaves you. That's because
they're part of us and hence always there.
Lean in
How many of us don't appreciate what we've
got while we've got it? Given life is short, it's
best to savor the here and now. In part because
at any given time - it can and will change. The
older we get - the more fragile our safety net
becomes. Then suddenly like a house of cards
it all falls down. Many spend years preparing
for retirement. Endlessly worrying about "next."
That is until theres nothing left but a dead end.
Ultimately - it is what it is. So rather than fight
the inevitable, why not enjoy the ride? I know
I've said that many times before but remember -
it will be over before you know it.