Friday, September 4, 2020


The new normal
Remember the Tasmanian devil? That cartoon
character who whipped himself into a frenzy?
Spinning out of control only to suddenly stop
to catch up with himself? Thats how I feel now.
I feel like all I do is put out fires. Going from
one crisis to another. Not on the home front.
In fact things have never been better. But in
the world at large. That's because every one
has gone crazy. Like whirling dervishes we're
in an endless swirl. One fueled by our President,
the news media, Coronavirus, civil strife, and
a collapsing economy. No wonder I'm always
tired... it just never ends.

Counter culture
If only I had a time machine. Some escape
hatch were one could go back to kinder and
gentler times. One wishes we could attribute
our mania to growth and improvement. Yet
rather than moving forward some of us prefer
to spin counter clockwise. In a furious attempt
to reverse all forward momentum achieved
over the past decades. Their goal is simple.
To limit women's choices by eradicating Roe
versus Wade. As they pollute, poison, and
violate our environment. And stir the pot of
racial prejudice and hate in order to protect
their ever narrowing competitive edge.

Make America great again
It's been said that we can't go back - even if
we want to. However like it or not America
is being dragged into reverse. Our collective
challenge is to put on the brakes, assess the
damage, and do whatever it takes to return
to a better place. Easier said than done when
dealing with EVIL hell bent on destruction.
Unfortunately post years of strategic foment
and discord Mr. Trump unleashed the worst
in many of us. Turning our American dream
into a nightmare. Leaving those left standing
to right his wrongs. And return our country
back to normal. Whatever that is...