Tuesday, September 15, 2020


The joke is on us 
If you're like me you're easily distracted. Thus
the machinations of carnival like side show/
Better known as the Trump administration. All
because if we really knew on what was going
on... we'd be even more appalled. Who knows
what's happening behind the scenes while we
focus on Trump lemming infection rates at his
indoor rallies. Nobody is dumber than those of
us who assume Mr. Trump is jar playing to his
udience. When in truth his outlandish behavior
insures that we see him alone. Not his bevy of
minions doing his dirty work. When will we
discover we've been blinded by the right?!

Funny business
From the start of his administration our focus
has been on anything but what it was actually
doing. Angry about efforts to end Obamacare.
Concerned about dramatic changes at the EPA.
Appalled when he exited the Paris Climate
Change Accord. Worried about the swing to
an ultra conservative judiciary. Disgusted as
children were separated from their parents at
the border. Pissed about graft involving Mr.
Trump and his cronies. Shocked at revelations
about his many acts of sexual abuse against
women. Back then we paid attention to reality
not theater. Causing him to change his routine.

Exit stage right
Whatever is going on has nothing to do with
what is actually happening. Rather there is
a method to Mr. Trump's madness. Which is
to do anything outlandish in order to shift our
focus from his hidden agenda. For three years
he has slowly but surely attacked elements of
our American dream. All as he hides behind
a strategic veil of smoke and mirrors. Crazier
than a fox, he knows exactly how to yank our
collective chains. And sadly we've been foolish
enough to allow him to do just that. It's time
that we delved into the substance of what he
has wrought. Reason enough to vote him out!