Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Anyplace but here
If you're like me you've given up. Having lost
it due to overload. Exhausted with everything
that's going on in the world at large. Sick of
politics. Over Covid 19. Finished with masks.
Suffocating from the smoke. Suffering from
cabin fever. And not eager to go deeper down
the "honey do" list to last chores left undone.
And who can blame any of us? This past year
has been filled with so much turmoil that it's
no wonder we're done. Finished. Out of here.
Except... we can't go anywhere. So what does
one do? At our house we've decided to check
out by watching weird programs on Youtube.

Home away from home 
Given we can't travel - the next best thing
is living vicariously via others. Traveling
to places we've never been. Or dreaming
of escaping to somewhere quite decadent.
The other night we "visited" the JK Place
Hotel on Capri. An elegant oasis perched
high above the azure Mediteranean with
Mt Vesuvius in the distance. Then reality
hit and I realized I hadn't done the dishes.
Thus life goes on and on and on and on
and on. Leaving me to wonder what we
will do once fall finally arrives. Will we
hibernate until spring? Or just give up!
Switching channels 
Right now we dreaming of moving far away.
Which explains the hours and hours of expat
travel vlogs. All sing the praises of life sans
Trump. Each place more exotic, civilized, 
and charming than the next. Then of course
there are the Brits who buy twelve thousand
foot chateaus for nothing. Only to spend the
rest of their lives making them inhabitable.
Who knows what hidden treasures they'll
find in that attic? Or on reruns of Antiques
Roadshow UK and US editions? What's old
is new in the neverland of cast off television
shows. Anything to ignore our new reality.
Remote control
And maybe that's a good thing. Getting away
from it all isn't a cure for Covid. However it
is if nothing else a distraction that defers the
inevitable. Which is that this soon shall pass.
But what will "normal" look like when it all
stops? Will people wear anything other than
sweats and pajamas? Are the odds that we'll
regain whatever momentum enjoyed prior.
Or are we doomed to another six months to
a year of suspended animation. One where
Presidents come and go as does gay rights
and Roe versus Wade. Hmm... time to find
that video entitled "emigration made easy."