Thursday, April 4, 2019


Sixth sense
At this point I have jotted down and "published"
two thousand, three hundred, twenty one blogs.
On a daily basis since November of 2012. All
of which If nothing else is a record of my life
to date. And hopefully proof that even the most
arrogant of assholes can still learn their lesson.
Along with the world at large I've changed for
better and worst. Older and wiser while at the
same time fatter and bitter. Thus like many of
you I'm a piece of work in process. Let's take
a look at where my head has been for the last
six years. A bit of a moving target, I've moved
to/from Manhattan twice during that time...
APRIL 4th, 2013
Two are better than one
Six years ago I was ending another "hiatus"
between jobs. Leaving Dallas and moving
everything into Lewistown Montana. The
prior December we'd purchased a "Passion
Pit" - our six thousand square foot, century
old home. Embarking on what is even now
a never ending love affair. However on this
day I was about to leave Montana for a new
job in New York City. And worried about
how Frank and I would handle yet another
gap in our long distance relationship.
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APRIL 4th, 2014
Spring has sprung
One year later I was in Manhattan all by
myself. Frank was back in Lewistown
caring for our parents while I waxed on
about springtime in New York City. It
was ablaze with fashion, a new opera
season, blossoms and spring break. All
of which now seem silly. It's amazing
how one can live in a fantasy with no
idea of just how lucky they are. Five
years later, I miss some aspects of said
life. But moved on to a better place.
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APRIL 4th, 2015
I beg to differ
Twelve months had passed and we were back
in Lewistown. The evening prior an omen of
things to come. The upcoming Presidential
election and one particular candidate stirring
said pot. We had encountered a rabid rightist
at a local eatery. Spewing her skewed take on
people, places, and politics. Who knew she
would later attempt to alter our local form of
government? Or that Donald Trump would
become number one. Stranger things have
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APRIL 4th, 2016
Sentimental journey
On this date, a month after her death,
I found Frank's mother's rosary in my
pocket. A reminder of a woman who
epitomized love, grace, elegance, and
kindness. We'd spent the prior year in
turmoil over our local Catholic priest
and parish. All of which culminated
in a blasphemous debacle at Pearl's
funeral. Hence while it happened long
ago, the pain remains. As does our love
for Pearl. She will always be with us.
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APRIL 4th, 2017
Talk about comfortable
Some things never change. Three years ago
I was in New York getting comfortable in my
own skin. Reminding myself (and my readers)
how much had changed in our lifetimes. And
that the things we hold near and dear, and all
too familiar are archaic at best. As I struggled
with ever evolving technology I wondered if
we had gone too far. Worrying that in said
process we'd lost our dignity, graciousness,
and resolve. Who could have imagined how
much further  basic decency would be tested?
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APRIL 4th, 2018
Hey there sunshine
A year ago, I was encouraging us all to look
on the bright side. Advice that twelve months
later still rings true. While some would love
to drag us to the dark side, somehow good
always usurps evil. Thus while I still worry
about where this world is coming to, yet we
seem to have still ended up in a fairly good
place. Therefore if nothing else, my blog
journey has been quite illuminating. Which
is motivation to continue to shed light upon
whatever is on my mind. Or in my heart.
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