Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Lost in the translation
OK...  I'll admit it. I'm a loser. Hence try as
I might the odds are against me. I consistently
fail while others win lotteries, sweepstakes,
poker games, or random bets. Instead I often
go home empty handed sans anything even
slightly resembling gratification. While we all
occasionally need a dose of humility, always
losing in whatever proposition can be beyond
demeaning. Leaving one to question why they
never seem to win the jackpot. Instead the only
time they are randomly struck is by lightning
rather than luck. If only the stars would align
along with those numbered ping pong balls...
As luck would have it...
Some of us are innately unlucky. Or at least
it seems so. Try as we might we can't seem to
beat the odds. At least when it comes to such
capricious things a a knock from Publisher's
Clearing House upon your door. However if
most of us stop and count all of our blessings,
we are more than lucky. Grace is bestowed
upon us in a multitude of ways. Meaning that
we all reap our just rewards. Be they love,
health, family, friends, or riches. And in most
cases, said treasures are rarely arrive in one
fell swoop. Instead they randomly arrive in
the smallest and yet most beneficial ways.
Shit happens
Waiting for lady luck to arrive is most certainly
a gamble. And depending on what one looks
for it could pass you by without even a notice.
Most of us meet the love of our lives under
capricious circumstances. Hence a lifetime of
happiness could depend on whether you go out
tonight.  In most cases, one has to take some
sort of investment of time and effort in order
to benefit in the long haul. Therefore Chicken
Little's prophesies aside, little of consequence
is going to drop out of the sky. That is unless
you're from a culture that considers being the
target of bird poop an omen of good to come.
Free and easy
In the end life is what we make of it. Which
means that often things are going our way
even if we don't realize it. All too often, the
best things in life are free. And frequently all
too easy. Only one thing is certain. Which is
that nobody can save us but ourselves. The
fantasy of hitting the jackpot, or having our
fulfilled is highly improbable. Thus it's best
to appreciate what we have here and now.
To see the good in our individual worlds for
what it truly is. And to realize that while we
may not have a stash of cash, chances are
we're rich as Midas. And how lucky is that?