Friday, February 15, 2019


And the winner is...
I just watched a film entitled “The Wife.”
Starring Glenn Close (the wife) it follows
a couple’s journey post the husband’s win
of the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature.
While I won’t spoil the story, I will share
that it’s about the often complex chemistry
that two people create together. Call it yin
and yang, visa versa, or opposites attract -
inevitably two are better than one. Which
is something for which I am deeply grateful
for given my better half truly is just that…
BETTER than this sorry excuse for a man
deserves. I am "me" because of HIM.
Lucky strike
It’s odd how two disparate souls can suddenly
unite via the happenstance of romance. Yet
that is what creates most couples. Somehow,
somewhere, some way they meet. The end
result being a dual journey to places neither
might have reached otherwise. When it’s right,
it goes on and on. And fortunately when it’s
wrong, one or the other decides to exit. In my
case I’m blessed to share my life with another
who constantly enhances my very existence.
One who by their very nature somehow makes
me all the BETTER. And just think about it...
What could be BETTER than that?
One or the other
The difference between basic animal attraction
and true love is a true and lasting connection.
One which somehow is able to survive all of
the pettiness, vagaries, and deception that even
the best of us periodically indulge in. Hence
while not perfect, the right duo are somehow
perfect for each other. Which if nothing else
is a balancing act. As we grow older we get
to know ourselves fairly well. However often
it's the person at one's side who truly comes
to accept, embraces and understand the real
you. Said complex process insures we come
to adore whomever we share our lives with.
Twice as nice
At some point those blessed to have the right
person by their side come to the realization
of how lucky they are. Embracing another’s
humanity may be the most transformative of
experiences. A nirvana where patience, pity,
grace, and forgiveness are rewarded by pure
and humble gratitude. Given we are who we
are it’s a miracle that anybody is able to love
another enough to set all of that aside. And
see the soul within. A phenomena that in and
of itself is the greatest gift anybody can give
another. And one which humbles and amazes
me on a daily basis. Two are better than one.