Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Lost in space
There are days when I simply feel ANCIENT.
Having experienced change upon change over
my somewhat limited lifespan it's easy to feel
OBSOLETE. While change is inevitable, it's
not the most pleasant of experiences. Most of
the time I simply bite the bullet and embrace
whatever comes my way. However there are
rare times when I question the benefit of life's
constant churn. Especially when it relates to
documentation. To confess, I still do not trust
the cyber world when it comes to insuring one
has all of the facts at hand. Thus this old man
continues to maintain a lengthy paper trail.
Paper trained
I'm sorry if you're upset that I don't trust some
cyber cloud to protect me from the IRS. Nor
do I believe that keeping data on some "stick"
keeps me safe from any legal tsunami. Deep
down I know that everything I've ever typed,
done, or searched via the internet is on the
record somewhere. However my experience
is that nothing insures one has ALL of life's
answers but a storage locker full of FACTS.
I learned so the hard way. When sued years
ago I had to supply financial documentation
for ten years prior. A challenge that this pulp
hoarder was prepared for. If I could find it...
Full of sheets
In such a situation it's not funny to realize
what we can easily recall or forget. Which
is why I over document my life. All in the
hope that I'm ready should anything ever be
challenged. Yet all too often the "experts"
don't necessarily agree. Yesterday we met
with our accountant to file our 1st business
taxes. As a new small business owner in a
learning curve, I've kept copious records
of every jot, tittle, and tidbit related to cash
coming in and out. While a recap was all
he wanted, he complimented my volumes
of data. Then suggested I get Quick Books.
Fact to the future
The truth be told, I'd rather be better safe than
sorry should I ever need backup. Thus while
I rarely need all I've kept, I'm lucky I have it.
It makes me feel more secure given I've got
a firm foundation rather than some "cloud"
of vague recollections. Therefore at least for
now I plan to continue to kill a forest of trees
in my quest to keep things under control. If
that makes me seem foolish or obsolete then
so be it. All that I know is that if somebody
wants to know something about something  -
I'll have it somewhere. My only challenge
still being how, when, and where, to find it!