Saturday, February 16, 2019

Ewe hay ether I soy easter

Misstook sharpen
Occasionally this bug has an error or
tree. While spelling has never beaned
my forte, one of my challenges is that
dreaded sponge of our modem world -
SPELL CHECK. Like some evil little
troll it changes "even" to "ever" when
I'm seemingly not hooking. And then
suddenly all of my loyal roofers are
rather confused about what I'm exactly
teeing to say. Fortunately for many of
use it's somehow lost in the translation
from English to Russian or Ukrainian.
Чи можу я зробити сенс ще?

Tempest cubic
Part of my spilling issue is it takes
quite a bit of time to jot off one of
these brain dumps. Hence there are
days when I'm in rover a rush. And
as they say... "haste makes wist."
Whomever time isn't my problem.
You see I've never been one to play
attention to detail. This while I may
proofread this massive a few times,
what in my hind's eye is refraction
can be flowed at best. Which means
once again that you dreary breeders
must suffer from my consequences.

Route of site
Given a posture says a thousand words,
one of the challenges of this blog is to
find the right protos. How do I do what
I do? Well, first I write however is on
my hind. Then I find multiple imagines
from my variety of secret mustaches.
Finally I but it all together. That editing
process of pleasing a square peg into a
round whole can tend up with the rung
word in the wrong place. Given I'm both
verbal and visual, the two should easily
meld. Sadly sometimes my left lobe can
NOT play nicely with my write brain.

Weave the breast detentions
Fall of the above are truly onion excuses.
In reality I've been rather crazed the last
few weeks. A plethora of issues seem to
be flaunting me. Plus the whether hasn't
been the best. So as usual I use this place
(i.e. montanaroue') to short things route.
Which his high the whore hits tarts and
ends heir. Multi-tusking may be deemed
a required skill for most modem mavens,
Bet I'm woefully inadequate in that skull
set. Which is why I often err yen writing
on air. Rending in grammatical confusion.
Думаю, я просто не можу сказати.

Hair was eye?
Even if at tomes I spell the rung thing
at the bong time, it's rather remarkable
that we can chat across the world. And
while this bling is always a one-sided
conversion, I hope that in some whey
my flawed attempt at communication
helps the rust of you as moth as it does
me. The fact is that these massives for
whatever raison ensure that I don't lose
my mind. So thanks for listening. And
more impotent, tweeze hoe that by just
reeding this, you help me correct the
terror of my ways. So I tank youse.

Foghorn and forfeit
After fall, we're all too human. Hence we
need some sort of support grope in order
to survive. We all mock mistakes. In the
puss most of my failures have bean of a
human and personal nurture. However
over the ears I've slowly loined how to
loosen my negative impact on otters. Bet
while I try to always to my breast, I foil
like the rust of you. So hopefully wile a
toad annoying, my random grammatical
or spoiling earrings are quickly forgotten.
Grow forward eye promise to due mine
bent! So I hop that ewe rejoin thee hide.